The History of the Shiloh Baptist Church Foreign Mission Ministry

On April 8, 2006, in response to his calling, Reverend Clarence S. Brock was ordained to the Foreign Mission Ministry. Shortly afterward, he began his work by initiating several fundraising drives. Over the next three years, funds were sent to Ghana, West Africa to support well building projects.

During the month of May 2008, Reverend Brock was led to recruit members to serve as the administrative staff to organize the new ministry. They were: Dr. DeNise H. Brock, Minister Johnny Hodge, Sister Deborah Hodge, Deacon Osei KariKari, and Sister Arabella KariKari. On May 16, 2008, Reverend Be Louis Colleton expressed approval of these new officers. The staff met on July 17, 2008 to proceed with steps in establishing the Foreign Mission Ministry (FMM) in Shiloh Baptist Church. The Mission Statement and the New Ministry Submission forms were presented at the meeting and later approved.

Within a few months, Sister Danielle Dyer and Deaconess Shirley Conley joined the staff. The FMM met with Pastor Charles E. Cato, Sr. and the mission staff of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, in Lanham, MD. Pastor Cato and others shared experiences that were insightful and greatly supportive to our new ministry.

The FMM held its first official event, which was a Prayer Breakfast on October 10, 2009. Pastor Cato was the guest preacher for the event. The theme was “A Heart and Mind for Mission.” It was a wonderfully spirit-filled service during which Pastor Colleton shared his vision for missions.

In a way that only God could order, Shiloh came into association with the King of Otuam Ghana, West Africa. On January 25, 2010, Pastor Colleton, Rev. Brock, Deacon Karikari, and Dr. Brock met with King Peggielene Bartels to discuss furthering Shiloh’s relationship with Otuam, Ghana. Plans commenced to host another prayer breakfast on April 10, 2010. King Bartels was the guest speaker for this event. During the interim, Otuam was established as the possible location for Shiloh’s mission. At the prayer breakfast, King Bartels was presented a check to support the restoration of the Royal Palace and an offering was collected to support the education of the children of Otuam.

The FMM planned and held its first Mission Day Assembly in May 2010. Rev. Dr. Joe Albert Bush, Sr., Pastor of Walker Memorial Baptist Church, Bronx, New York, was the guest preacher for that event. During this same period, special collections were taken up for the earthquake disaster in Haiti. In April 2010, Pastor Colleton traveled to Haiti to assess the devastation and to learn how Shiloh could best serve the needs of the Haitian people.

At the first Mission Day Assembly on May 22, 2010, Shiloh Baptist Church formally entered into Covenant to adopt Otuam as its spiritual and developmental responsibility. In October 2010, eleven members of Shiloh accompanied Pastor Colleton to Otuam for the burial of the former King and the dedication of three clean water boreholes to the Otuam community. One of the boreholes was provided by the members of Shiloh Baptist Church.

In September 2010, Pastor Colleton delivered a generous offering to Pastor Luc Deratus (Pastor of Harmony Ministries Church and an active worker in the Haiti relief efforts) to support the people of Haiti. In November 2010, the first election of officers for the FMM was held. The first elected officers were: Deaconess-in-Training Lillian Nash, President; Bro. Osei KariKari, Vice President; Dr. DeNise H. Brock, Secretary; and Sis. Deborah Hodge, Treasurer. At the February 2011 church business meeting, Shiloh approved plans for an Educational Support Program to support the educational needs of children in the Otuam community. The program began with the sponsorship of nine children by the Shiloh membership.

In August of 2011, King Peggy was accompanied by Reverend and Dr. Brock to the Twelfth Biennial Session, Imperial Supreme Council, A.A.S.R.M. International Jurisdiction, Inc., host by the Cornerstone Grand Council of Deliberation in the State of Maryland. The organization donated funds to the Shiloh Baptist Church mission at this event for the construction of the forth clean water well. The well was formally dedicated to the people of Otuam during the October 2011 mission trip. During this trip, Pastor Colleton and a delegation of mission- minded Shiloh members registered approximately 1,400 school aged children for participation in the Shiloh Baptist Church Educational Support Program. This initiative is currently being prepared for exposure on the Worldwide Web to enable national and international financial support.

Pastor Colleton continues to work diligently to bring additional organizations to aid in the support of Shiloh’s mission in Otuam. During the same mission trip, Pastor Colleton and his delegation distributed an abundance of eyeglasses to the people of the Otuam community. The glasses were generously donated by Shiloh members and friends. Additionally, Spirit and Truth Worship Center in California and Sight Ministries International assisted with the donation. In addition to the aforementioned activities, Shiloh officially delivered the letter of intent for the Shiloh Baptist Church and school of Otuam, to the regional officials in Salt Pond, Ghana.

Prior to ending the October 2011 mission trip, Pastor Colleton officially made the appointment of Rev. Clarence S. Brock as Pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church of Otuam Ghana, West Africa. Rev. Brock received his charge from Pastor Colleton and proceeded to conduct the first Shiloh worship service in Otuam. Rev. Brock delivered his heartfelt acceptance address to a packed congregation of God praising worshipers. Rev. Brock and Brother Karikari have been commissioned by Pastor Colleton to return to Otuam in March 2012 to conduct the Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday services. Pastor Colleton’s leading duly established the expansion of Shiloh’s Gospel mission to Africa.

While God has been doing wonderful things in Africa, His mighty hand has been blessing the Shiloh family to grow and embrace the mission in Otuam. This is due, in part, to King Peggy’s baptism by Pastor Colleton at Shiloh in May 2011. Shiloh members now embrace her as both King and Sister in Jesus Christ. Shiloh Baptist Church was selected to host the book signing of King Peggy’s recently published book of the same name, “King Peggy, An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Village.” The event was held on February 25, 2012 and was a great success.

We lift up praise in anticipation of greater things that God will do in Otuam and through our work in Haiti.

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